Do You Forget Shahrzad Someday Forever?

droppingMy heart was beating fast. Yet I was feeling light and joyful. Something in me was flying, but my body laying on the bed. I think something in me was going to be separated from “me”. I think I was going to be divided into pieces. When a green light embraced me, hold me tight, I think I was getting away from what I was.. I think I was going to die.

It took time that I considered on where I am and what i am going through. It was not an event that I experience every now and then. A unique one, maybe no way to come back and experience it again.

After awhile, I was next to bed, could see me laying down, without any motion. My eyes closed. My right wrist in nurse’s hand, she was worriedly trying to make beats stable. A warm red blood was coming out the nose. I could see the person on the bed who had admitted to be “me” was getting more sallowish.

The Doctor was talking to nurse: “Her heart is still beating. Yet her body is cold.

Nobody could notice that I am not that person on the bed. I was in the room, standing with all the staff there. Watching their acts. Trying to get what’s happening. At the moment i was talking to “me”: “So you’re dying? So that’s death?”

I remembered my beloved at once. If really I’m going to die, so I can not see him for last look? So Will I be just an unsuccessful martyr of love in this world?

Does he feel me now when am going to get away?

Why nobody told me at least 12 hours before I die? I had many jobs to do so. My parents, my friends and my beloved. Before I meet them once again in the hereafter, I needed to tell my last words to them.

But no way. I was going to die..

Did i do what i wanted to do? Was i good human being for the world? Could i reach the humanity? Was i good slave for my God?

My document would be closed eternally in this world. Like thousand millions people who had died before me in the history of humankind. And now nobody remembers them.

I could not be a prophet, a great scientist, a unique poet or an excellent person who has taken whole wisdom of life and beyond.

In my short life, I could be a Shahrzad. A simple story-teller. Who really tried her best to make a change. Even if little one, with short and unadorned influence. She was trying sincerely to educate her soul and her mind. She was trying to be honest and real friend.

She was trying to distribute big love of almaighty into hearts. She was trying to know her God.

Now I was watching her. She was going to die in this world, for a rebirth in the hereafter. She was joining all people who had passed away before her.

The time was going to pass. After awhile i was watching nothing. I could feel a strong headache. Openning my eyes, I looked at the doctor who was smiling with happiness. Everything was done now? I had came back to body of Shahrzad on the bed.

They could bring me back into life. I was alive once again as Shahrzad. Now once again she was breathing in the air of the mortal world. She was going back to the history. To be there, She was allowed to make more memories.

Could be Shahrzad dies really. Could be she gets separated from this world. Could be she leaves you all forever.

She is just a drop of an ocean. She will join the ocean someday. She will be solved in a big blue spirit.

People say that Shahrzad is kind of person they remember her face after long time. They say even if they see her once, they never forget her sincere eyes, her smiley face and her calmness.

Could be that someday somebody in this world remember her for her sincere eyes once again? Could be after years, she be still in minds for what she was? Could be after long time people still visit her blog? Could be people remember her for her stories? Could be her beloves have her memories in their mind?

If she be disappeared from your life, do you forget Shahrzad someday forever?

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One Response to “Do You Forget Shahrzad Someday Forever?”

  1. Shahrzad Says:

    I`ll be never forget you, because I am also like you, I am Shahrzad,
    Shahrzad will always be in everybodies mind.

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